Friday, September 10, 2010

Finding photos when you don't feel like looking

I haven't been very prolific with the camera in the past few weeks, because honestly, I just haven't felt the urge or desire to "create".  Well, today I went out with some other photographers to find some inspiration for a photo journalism assignment on homelessness and poverty.  There was one catch, in that we're supposed to try and NOT use people or faces to tell the tale...  Not as easy as you might think!!!

Hope: When the world seems like it has ganged up on you, sometimes baby steps are the only steps that can be taken.  Take this house that is desperate for attention.  The fence stood out in that, out of the entire length, just one board had been replaced and painted.  One board at a time...

Loneliness doesn't just affect the homeless or the elderly.  One in Seven people suffer some level of loneliness (not to be confused with depression) in their life.  A destructive cycle that can seem inescapable.

Shopping carts play such a large part in the life of the homeless: They hold their belongings, bottles and can act as shelter.

Shaun approached me on the street and asked what I was taking pictures of, and asked if I'd take his picture.

Empty bottles of Listerine outside of a homeless shelter.

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  1. Chris, the photo of the guy sitting with his face in his hands is perfect. Just a gorgeous shot!