Sunday, June 6, 2010

What do they say about working with Children and Animals?

his morning, the clouds decided to part for a couple hours and hundreds of canines dragged their owners and families to Fish Creek Park for the 10th annual Calgary Humane Society Dog Jog Fundraiser.   I was asked to come take photos of my friend Christie and her "A Walk With Whippets" crew (China, Toby, Casey & Abbey.)

I've been trying to take more pictures of actual people, so I guess that dogs are a stepping stone along that path.  I think that part of the trick of taking good canine photos is taking a lot of photos, and taking the photos quickly, before the subjects get distracted and start sniffing and/or licking other subject's butts (this may be a problem with human subjects as well, but time will only tell.)

I've been trying to find new and different perspectives, which as a 6'5" man, usually means getting down and rolling around in the dirt.  I also used some natural topography to get below the subjects (a little ravine, fallen tree trunks).


  1. I love your photos, Chris! The whippets are beautiful. Now, if someone would just start a dog jogging business called Dashing with Dachshunds, I'd be totally on board. ;)


  2. These are really beautiful. Two of my favorite things, photography and dogs. I think the dogs come first. Seriously, really beautiful!

  3. What a sweet parade of pooches! I esp. like the "Gang of Four".

    Cindy - why don't YOU start the Dachsund Dash? Who's better with that breed than you? ;-)

    - Nancela (PS - happy birthday Cindy!)